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Peek House is a rear side extension to an existing 19th Century Terrace house in Fulham, London. 

The site is overlooked by the neighbours above and to each side therefore we designed the space around the idea of "Peeking". The large triangular bespoke skylight acts as a centre point for the extension bathing the extension with light. The skylight is positioned above the kitchen and allows a glimpse of whats going on below from the neighbours sightline. It also allow our client to peek out at the sky above. However the more private lounge area isn't in view giving a sense of privacy for our client. 

The interior palette is white albeit in several different materials like: white marble, Oiled Douglas Fir and Venetian plaster. adding a depth and texture to the interior. 

"incredible talents. They designed and executed my the side return extension and kitchen renovation impeccably"


Collaborator + Home Owner