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Our clients enjoy growing their own fruit and vegetables, we were asked to create a garden kitchen, a place to harvest, prepare, cook and store produce. A space that would have enough daylight to cultivate plants year round.  We therefore design a large 6 metre glazed slot within the roof, framing the clouds and sky above.

The extension creates a secondary entrance,  set back into a handmade brick lined pocket. The handmade angled bricks create sculptural brick piers at the front and rear of the project. At the front of the extension a pair of CNC aluminium  doors hide a bin storage and utility extracts. These bespoke doors form a pegboard like surface, which allows planters to be hung and moved into different configurations. These miniature-growing surfaces are illuminated by LED strips at night, which shine through the perforations.  

A series of White Oiled Ash panels line the interior of the new space, these panels run from the front to rear. The panels hide everyday amenities such as a utility room, a pantry and floor to ceiling storage cupboards. The kitchen cupboard doors are constructed from Tulipwood  with composite white marble tops that contrast with the dark grey cupboards doors, the kitchen is finished off with a copper accent throughout.

At the rear the new space fully opens to the garden via a pair of corner bifolding doors. The rear garden has been landscaped to form two distinct spaces one for entertaining and the other for growing. The raised beds and stepped garden landscape creates the perfect place for fruit and vegetables to grow, while the large linear patio seamlessly links with the interior.

 "Super proactive in coming forward with design ideas which we found very helpful with the project. I would thoroughly recommend the team"

Richard + Sharon

Collaborators + Home Owner